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Location: Laguna Beach, CA

Drone: Mavic Pro Zoom



The DJI FPV drone has joined the fleet, get ready for some spectacular and unique drone shots coming your way! Follow us on social media @Five50DroneSolutions for more!


20.8 megapixel high resolution aerial photos, professionally processed and delivered seamlessly. 

Drone photography is perfect to showcase that amazing view of your next listing, wedding, or even to capture an event from a unique perspective! The possibilities are endless!


Up to 4K HDR video, unmatched camera movements, massive versatility and the ability to fly at a blinding 65 mph, a drone can go where other photographers & videographers can't. It's just what you need to bring your film to the next level. Check out the demo reel below!


We strive to meet all of your media production needs. Not looking for drone imaging? We offer crystal clear 4K* video on the ground, as well as high definition 24.3 Megapixel stills. Lets make your next project a hit and create lasting impressions!



Eugene S. / Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Five50DroneSolutions was the absolute best choice I could have made for our company's marketing video footage. Originally I thought I would just rent a drone and free ball the project myself, but after briefly chatting with taylor at Five50DroneSolutions, I quickly realized that not only did he have the best equipment and years of experience that i couldn't even rent if I wanted to, he also knew things and had ideas for the video that we didn't even know we wanted. I think you'll be surprised by the affordability of Five50DroneSolutions not to mention how friendly they are and anxious to exceed your expoectations."

Noah W. / Almea Insuance

"Worked with Taylor on a huge project that took several weeks and tons and tons of shooting. I couldn't be happier! Exeeded my expectations of the entire thing. Excellent eye, great use of his skills and more importantly the communication and ideas he continues to bring forth. Will be back!"





Drones are now becoming more and more popular with consumers and businesses alike, giving a wide range of new opportunities to both new and experienced photographers and videographers. There are countless ways that drones can improve your next commercial, photoshoot, collaboration, film or even inspection. A drone is a tool, and along with that comes the need for experience as with any other tool you might use. When hiring the right professional, there are many things to look for such as proper knowledge of the industry, local laws, skill, proper licensing, and professionalism. We provide all of that and the quality you deserve at a price you can afford! To get startered, send us a mesage today and get your free quote now!

"What If I Need More Than Drone Media?"

You're in luck! Aside from stunning aerial imagery, we offer the same great quality on the ground! While nobody can deny drones provide amazing perspectives and fresh looking shots, you are always better off diversifying your next video or photo sessison with both ground and aerial imaging. On their own both medums are good, but together they can be great! Why not take your project to the next level and blow peoples minds!